Why the timber sector?

The world's forests are a sustainable source of materials and energy for the needs of humanity.

Timber derived products are some of the most widely used goods in the world. Timber is an excellent material from functional, environmental and aesthetic points of view. It is renewable, can be re-used and re-cycled in certain applications and is biodegradable in others and it is used in different forms in the production of a wide range of products as well as being a source of energy.

Three growing markets: tissue, viscose and fluff

The global markets for tissue paper, viscose and fluff pulp grow between 3 and 4 percent per year.

Megatrends drive pulp and paper demand

The most important ones are technological development, population growth and urbanization, shifts in economic power, and increasing environmental awareness caused by resource stress and climate change. For the pulp and paper industry, these megatrends emerge as both opportunities and challenges.


What we do

Premium long-term reports based on fundamental analysis.

We provide to our clients with in-depth company reports. We are focused on the timber sector and on the pulp and paper industry in particular. Our clients are long-only institutional investors, hedge-funds, asset managers and strategic investors invested in listed timber sector companies.

Our approach is quite different from other research providers. We combine a bottom-up fundamental analysis with satellite data. This approach gives our clients an advantage.


“Access to independent research provided me with key data I was not aware of, allowing me to exit a large position and avoid a significant loss.”

Hedge Fund Manager, NY

Who we are

An independent research boutique focused on the timber sector.

Timbersector.com is a business division of Aletrop EOS, a European company with more than 10 years of experience improving the forest sector. We are based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Transparent in terms of coverage and pricing, we are non-transactional driven and fully compliant with MiFID II regulation.


Our approach

Independent analysis, sector experts and innovative perspective.

Our goal is to provide our clients with an advantage. We offer a powerful combination of experience, analytical talent and customer service to organizations of all sizes.

As a complement to the bottom-up fundamental analysis, we apply our proprietary technology to process satellite images to know the availability of wood in analyzed companies. This unique approach in the sector allows us into a deeper vision of companies.

Forest Engineers with experience in the real field analyze not only financial statements, but also the past, present and future business operations. In addition, our experience in forest certification schemes (FSC and PEFC) allows us to interpret the commitment of companies to sustainable forest management. This is not only about environmental care, but timber companies to be successful must comply with a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially.


Services & pricing

As an independent provider, we are remunerated for providing the highest quality research. We believe clients will benefit from price transparency and thus we provide prices for all major components of our research service offering.

In-depth company report

Long-term reports based on fundamental analysis.

Price: see in below section info of company coverage.

Phone call

A call between a client and an analyst to discuss any investment-related topic.

Price: 1,500 EUR/hour (minimum 30 minutes)

Face-to-Face meeting

A meeting between a client and an analyst at Aletrop's office to discuss any investment-related topic.

Price: 2,500 EUR/hour (minimum 30 minutes)

Financial model

A financial model for a company or topic based on the client’s specifications.

Price: 3,000 EUR (only covered companies)

Bespoke project

A bespoke research project that is outlined upon the client’s request.

Price: N/D

Company coverage

We provide ongoing research coverage on an established universe of public companies while actively tracking dozens of public and private companies across the broader industry worldwide.

Full coverage

Company Country Industry
ALTRI Portugal Pulp & Paper
More info
ENCE Spain Pulp & Paper
More info
SUZANO (FIBRIA + SUZANO) Brazil Pulp & Paper
More info

Partial coverage

Company Country Industry
ARAUCO Chile Pulp & Paper
CENIBRA Brazil Pulp & Paper
CMPC Chile Pulp & Paper
EL DORADO Brazil Pulp & Paper
KLABIN Brazil Pulp & Paper
STORA ENSO Finland Pulp & Paper
UPM-KYMMENE Finland Pulp & Paper


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